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                   About Me!      I have been the proud owner and CEO of T.K.Stiles-Jewelry Design since I Graduated from College in 1987. I have worked for other jewelry companies, a Flower shop, and retail stores.   I have taught Nursery school and collected for a collection agency, but I have always been T.K.Stiles-Jewelry Design. I'm not saying I haven't thought of walking away from this enigma that lives not only in the sales and expenses of this business but also rent-free in my mind, just isn't something I can do!   The satisfaction and relief I find in creating something from metal and stones or carving wax and casting even painting an old piece of furniture a new color is an emotion that reaches deep into my being. I have always crafted, and both my parent encouraged me and my siblings to get our hands on it. I am grateful for that and have happily taken that gift into my life.   I started out long ago with the dream of being established.  A creative thinker with impeccable taste and craftsmanship and although in my mind I am, the reality is I am not. I am creative. I am an excellent craftsperson I have an impeccable taste but established, not yet. It is not for a lack of trying. Fresh out of college I got my Business certificate and a Business Bank account but as life will have it other priorities took president. Marriage and children.  A job to pay for all the art supplies I must have. Elderly parents that need my help. Establishing myself as a legitimate artist has always just been out of reach. Now at 61, my children are mostly grown certainly they do not need me as they once did. My marriage is in a good place and sadly my parents have passed. Now that the people that needed me so much no longer do, I wonder if it is time to "Get serious and put my life in order and try one more time to build this business into its full potential! I have time but I ask myself if I haven't been able to do it by now, what makes me think that it is even possible?  I went right from nurturing my children to caregiving for my parents. Not a moment in between. This loss of time made me a little jaded. Feelings of a heavy heart from stilling my dreams to care for those I love. I'm not mad just stalled. Out of college, I hit my dream hard. I grew customers, had a steady clientele, and worked outside the home; it was an ideal setup.  Slowly the balance of time became unbalanced.  Only paying enough attention to my passion to keep it alive and keep me, may I dare say, sane!    I can do this. I have been doing this except for others. Now it is my time.   Use my time wisely.  Read and learn. Be around like-minded people who can further my goals but most of all, Put the time back into being Me. I am a woman looking for something!  Is that thing simply pursuing my business which is my Art and passion and feeling well about that? Whatever that might mean, I have the time and creative thoughts. I'm Excited.

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